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Tips to Storing Your Beers

Home brewing is not as common as it used to be before all the breweries that can be seen today but there are still many people practicing it. This has been made possible by the availability of home-brewing kits. When you brew at home or you buy beers to drink at home, you know that you will not be enjoying much of a shelf life. Beers are quite different from wines that could be aged up to 100 years. It’s estimated that the maximum shelf life of beer is 8 months and after that, it becomes oxidized.

Store the Beers in the Fridge
If you do not have a cellar to store your beers or you just have a few bottles, the best option would be to refrigerate them. This will keep them cool and you can have them whenever you want. Depending on the type of beer whether it is standard ales, higher alcohol beer or lighter ones, you should adjust the temperature in the fridge. On the other hand, if you have a cellar, this would be the perfect place to store your beer. It is even better if you are planning to age the beer for over a year.

Ensure the Bottles are Stored Upright
The other thing you should ensure is to keep the bottles upright. This will prevent yeast from making watermarks and making it difficult to control it when pouring the beer. Keeping the bottles upright will also help the cork from drying out. A cork that has dried out is a problem when opening the beer but this does not mean that the drink inside should always touch the cork. The inside of the bottle will keep the cork in its right condition without coming into contact with the beer.

Keep it Away from Sunlight
Beers should be kept away from sunlight. This is because just like UV rays are harmful to the skin, they are harmful to your beer. With exposure to sunlight, you will end up drinking sunky beers which is not what you want from your favorite beer.
Storing your beer is not hard whether you want to drink it a few weeks to come or you want to age it. If you do not have a cellar, store it in the fridge, ensure that it is stored in an upright position and away from direct sunlight. By doing this, you will drink a fresh beer just like you wanted.