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As you all know a Brewery setup can cost a bit of money to get off the ground. The money involved in equipment, materials can easily peak into the thousands and that is just for a small scale brewery. What is most valuable however can sometimes be the winning recipes that you discover while brewing. Knowing the right mix of ingredients can make all the difference between an average beer and an award winning brew.

But how do you keep all of these valuable items and notes safe? Well if you are located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs you can count on this great Eastern Suburbs Locksmith team. With the admin office in Bondi Junction, they have mobile service vans that can get to any Eastern Suburbs and surrounding location fast. Not only that but each service van is fully equipped with the latest in locksmith tools and equipment so they can take on almost every job onsite. With the expert locksmith arriving on site they can repair broken locks and assist in emergency lockout situations.

But the real beauty of their services come with their security inspection of your property. I can first handedly say that after a site inspection they quickly identified some pretty weak security. I thought I was covered with a secure padlock on the front door of my brewery shed, however they identified multiple weak points that could easily turn into a great deal of damage and theft.

After the security inspection the locksmith made suggestions and had a good discussion with me about the different price points of locks and security systems. By working with me and my budget he them went away and made up plans for a security system install which comprised of a master key system, tighter locks on all doors, windows and other entry points, a safe for my brewery notes and secret brewing recipes, and a simple PIR motion sensor and alarm system.

I tell you what I was amazed. After he went through the whole system I was just waiting for the price tag to be way over my budget but he somewhere worked some magic and was able to come in right on my budget amount. With the little additions of things that I would have overlooked such as window locks and a safe for my brewing recipes (how could I be so naive?) I was happy to pay him the fair price to install all of this and know that it is not only professional recommended by also professional installed. Also with the master key system I only need 1 key to operate all my locks, however if, nay when the brewery starts picking up production and needs more staff I can limit their access by providing only a front door key for instance - if I want to.

All in all, this company has been a pleasure to work with and I wanted to pass on my recommendation. After all your brewery is not worth risking for the amount of money that is spent on it to get it started and up and producing, also the hidden secret recipes! Make sure you invest in securing your setup by employing a trusted and reliable locksmith.